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Non-cancerous skin lesions

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How should diabetics control their blood sugar levels?

Regularly take glucose-lowering drugs or inject insulin.
Currently, there are two main types of diabetes treatment: taking glucose-lowering drugs or injecting insulin. dnia 04/09/2023

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Can diabetics eat watermelon and other fruits?

Because watermelon is very sweet, many people with diabetes are afraid to eat it. In fact, diabetics can eat watermelon for two reasons. Fruits are a very important food group in our daily diet. dnia 04/09/2023

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Health products for diabetics

How to properly use oral hypoglycemic drugs?
Pay attention to the timing of medication.
Maintain a "reasonable" lifestyle.
Proper diet maintains body weight, reduces insulin resistance, lowers pancreatic beta cell load, etc. dnia 04/09/2023

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Decation is a normal need for every human body. When too many toxins accumulate in the body, they must be expelled from the intestines in the form of bowel movement.

If you notice that you are defecated too often during the day, you should pay attention to the possibility of some diseases. dnia 04/09/2023

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After anemia, a number of symptoms appear, the severity of which is associated with the degree of anemia. The sooner the anemia occurs, the harder the anemia is, the more visible its symptoms are.
Pale skin and mucous membranes patients with anemia usually have gray, pale, bloodless complexion and dry skinless skin and hair. The color of the eyelid conjunctiva, the hands between small and large furrows and the nail plate are generally considered more reliable. dnia 04/09/2023

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Hair loss

Almost everyone will lose our hair, but it is honest to overcome the gap between alopecia and hair loss as well as baldness and health. There is also no scientific discussion on the amount and time of hair loss.

The 100 hair threshold has been scientifically defined. If you lose less than 100 hair a day, you can generally achieve a balance between regrowth and hair loss, and if you lose more than 100 hair a day and for over a month, you should hurry with your doctor. Another method is to raise a small handful of hair and gently pulling them 3 times, if more than 6 hair falls out, congratulations. dnia 04/09/2023

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Stroke is a prevalent condition, known as a cerebrovascular accident, which is especially prevalent among older adults, and its incidence rates remain high. Still, several studies indicate that at least 80% of strokes are avoidable, and more than 90% of risk factors can be managed. Therefore, what preventative measures can older individuals take to reduce the likelihood of having a stroke? I frequently offer advice to seniors, and now have tips to share with dnia 04/09/2023

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Do you experience heart pain or chest tightness and shortness of breath?

Ischemic heart disease is a relatively common heart disease. It is because of this main characteristics that patients feel tightness in the chest and heartache. Many people think that they suffer from coronary artery disease when they have heartaches, chest pressure and shortness of breath. But in fact, in addition to coronary artery disease, a disease that causes heartache, the following three states are similar to coronary artery disease and can be easily mistaken when they occur, so keep an eye on them. dnia 04/09/2023

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Physical activity in chronic diseases

Type 2 diabetes is often combined with serious acute and chronic complications. Cardiovascular complications are the main death factor, with the frequency of about 70%, frequent and serious complications are also diabetic kidney complications and vision. Physical activity is an effective means in the fight against chronic diseases, and patients who are physically active for less than an hour a week or not at all are exposed to a single risk of cardiovascular events compared to those who are physically active for at least seven hours weekly. People who have not practiced over the past 3 months have been found a 1x increase in general incidence and mortality compared to the people they practiced. dnia 04/09/2023

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Gastroscopic examinations for whom?

Patients who experience frequent abdominal pain, epigastric discomfort, a sensation of fullness in the upper abdomen, nausea, acid reflux, belching, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, black faecal matter, vomiting blood, heartburn, pain behind the breastbone, bitterness in the mouth and difficulty swallowing must consult a doctor. After assessing the patient’s condition, the doctor will determine if a gastroscopy is essential to assess inflammation, ulcers, polyps or cancer in the stomach.

dnia 04/09/2023

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Why don’t you cough during the day but only at night?

A common cause of coughing is infectious diseases such as the common cold, bronchitis and bronchiolitis. When the body is attacked by viruses, they infect the respiratory tract and cause a series of cold symptoms accompanied by coughing, especially at night when the cough gets worse. dnia 04/09/2023

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Conjunctivitis is a relatively common eye disease. Many people may think that conjunctivitis is mainly related to allergies and that measures can be taken to combat allergies, but what they don’t know is that there are many different types of conjunctivitis, and treatment varies depending on the type, so it is important to follow them. dnia 04/09/2023

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Scoliosis deformation of the spine

Scoliosis is a common disease of teenagers. It progresses rapidly during adolescence, often leading to severe spinal deformities and cardiorespiratory developmental disorders, causing cardiorespiratory failure and even death in severe cases, seriously affecting the health of teenagers. dnia 04/09/2023

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Don’t panic if your baby has a foreign body in its body

Foreign bodies in children’s airways are a dangerous emergency situation. If such a situation occurs at home, in the case of younger children, you can lift the limbs, head down and pat the back, so that the foreign body is pushed out by gravity, or ask the child to sit on an adult’s lap and with both hands squeeze the upper abdomen firmly and quickly to expectorate the foreign body by compressing the chest, i.e. use the Heimlich maneuver. dnia 04/09/2023

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Constipation and problems with bowel movements

Constipation can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents and even be life-threatening, especially in patients with high blood pressure, constipation can cause cerebral hemorrhage, heart attack and sudden death.
Constipation can affect mood, causing anxiety, irritability, insomnia, etc.
What should people suffering from chronic constipation do ? dnia 04/09/2023

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Spring is the season of asthma incidence

Preventing asthma involves avoiding respiratory infections. In spring, the weather is very changeable, from warm to cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is also large, making it easier for people to contract respiratory infections due to the cold spring weather and the influx of cold air. dnia 04/09/2023

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What time of day and night is best to take medications?

Physiological changes in the human body have biological periodicity, and some physiological functions or pathological phenomena have obvious features of diurnal rhythm. dnia 04/09/2023

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How exactly do you distinguish between ordinary chest pain and a heart attack?

Chest pain or discomfort is one of the common clinical symptoms with varied and complex clinical manifestations. There are many causes of chest pain, and its severity varies widely. dnia 04/09/2023

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Causes of neuroses in children

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